Mexico: Two politicians belonging to the PRI killed since Friday

At least three members of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, have been killed since the July 1 presidential election, won by PRI candidate Enrique Peña Nieto.

Two Mexican politicians belonging to the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, have been killed in the past three days.

The Associated Press said Jaime Serrano Cedillo, a 45-year-old legislator in Mexico State, was stabbed in the chest on Sunday in Nezahualcoyotl, a district that borders the Mexican capital.

He later died in hospital, Spanish news agency EFE reported.

CNN Mexico reported that Eduardo Castro Luque, a 48-year-old deputy-elect in the northwestern state of Sonora, also died after he was shot outside his home in Ciudad Obregon on Friday, two days before he was due to take office.

No one has been arrested for either murder.

The PRI won the July 1 presidential election, returning the party to the highest office after 12 years in opposition.

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In August, a mayor elect in the central state of San Luis Potosi was shot dead along with his campaign adviser as they were returning from a party.

Matehuala mayor-elect Edgar Morales Perez also belonged to the PRI.

More than 50,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence since late 2006, when President Felipe Calderon deployed thousands of soldier to fight the drug cartels.

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