9-year-old Mexican mother actually 12 or 13, baby's father is her stepfather

An anthropological study shows a 9-year-old Mexican mother is actually 12 or 13.

GUADALAJARA, Mexico – The Mexican girl who gave birth last month is aged between 12 and 13, not 9 as originally reported, UPI said Thursday.

DNA tests have confirmed the baby’s father is the girl’s 44-year-old stepfather, not a 17-year-old boy as authorities had been led to believe, and the man is under arrest, the Associated Press reported.

The mother of the girl, who has been identified as Dafne, claims she was unaware of the alleged sexual abuse of her daughter by her partner, which reportedly began in April 2012, ABC News reported, citing a spokesman for the Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office.

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Dafne gave birth to a baby girl on Jan. 27 in Zoquipan Hospital in Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco state in western Mexico.

Her mother initially told authorities that the girl was 9, but anthropological studies showed she was aged between 12 and 13, the AP said.

The mother didn't report her daughter’s pregnancy to state authorities because she didn't think it was a crime.

When the mother and her daughter arrived at the hospital for the birth, doctors informed the woman that her daughter may have been a victim of sexual assault. It was only then that state authorities were notified.