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Day of Action: Photos capture arrests, protests

About 50 people have already been arrested at Occupy Wall Street on Thursday.

Protesters around the country are marking the two-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street by taking to the streets with a day of action.

In New York, hundreds of protesters began marching through the city's financial district at 7 a.m. to protest economic inequality, according to Reuters.  By 10 a.m., a police spokesperson said about 50 people had already been arrested for disorderly conduct or for resisting arrest.

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Reuters reported:

Scores of police barricaded the narrow streets around the stock exchange and used batons to push the protesters onto the sidewalk as they marched from a nearby park in a bid to prevent financial workers from getting to their desks.

Click through the pictures above to view pictures of the ongoing protests and arrests during Thursday's day of action at Occupy Wall Street.

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