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Osama bin Laden replaced on FBI Most Wanted list by Eric Justin Toth, a child porn suspect

Toth has been indicted and charged with child pornography offenses and the FBI says he is a danger to children so long as he remains at large.

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Two billboards with President Obama and Osama bin Laden, wearing an “I love Guantanamo” T-shirt, are seen in a Washington Metro station in September, 2009. The advertisements are from, an organization that launched a campaign to remind policymakers that torture is illegal, unethical and a top recruiting tool for al bin Laden and al-Qaeda. (SHANNON CURRAN/AFP/Getty Images)

The FBI has dropped Osama bin Laden from its most wanted list almost a year after he was killed by US special forces in Pakistan, according to Politico.

The person who replaces bin Laden is “computer expert” Eric Justin Toth and the Bureau is offering $100,000 for information directly leading to his arrest on suspicion of possessing and producing child pornography.

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According to Politico, FBI spokeswoman Angela Bell said the process of deciding whom to put on the list can take time and is in part determined by whether all other means of apprehension have been exhausted. Sometimes candidates for the list are detained, setting back the process of choosing names for the list.

“We just had a guy from San Juan who we were going to put up on the list who was captured,” Bell was quoted as saying.

One reason Toth is being added is the risk he allegedly poses to children so long as he remains at large, according to CBS News.

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Toth has been indicted in Maryland and charged in a sealed federal complaint in Washington DC, CBS said.