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Buffett Rule: Lolcats used by to defend progressive taxation (Video)

'I can haz Buffett Rule?' a kitten asks in an add aimed squarely at Mitt Romney.

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A still image taken from the political ad unveiled today. (YouTube)

Doubtful the Lolcats meme will decide the presidency. But will it help make the president’s so-called Buffett Rule a reality?

The progressive campaign organization today unveiled a 30-second cat-themed political ad charging Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney and the GOP of supporting “fat cats” at the expense of the American middle class, according to CNN.

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The spot is set to run during Tax Day tomorrow during cat-themed programming — such as "Big Cat Diary," "My Cat From Hell," "Cats 101" and "Too Cute Kittens," — on Animal Planet, according to CNN, which said did not disclose the size of its ad buy.

Here is the “fat cats” video:

President Obama is defending a proposal to make wealthier American earners pay the same tax rates as indidual income tax earners in lower tax brackets. It has been dubbed the Buffett Rule after billionaire investor Warren Buffet, who has observed that he pays taxes a ta lower rate than his own secretary.

Congressional Republicans are advancing fiscal policy, embraced by Romney, that is aimed at reducing taxes on the wealthy in order to foster economic growth.

“When the wealthiest one percent pay a fair tax rate like the rest of us it keeps the American dream alive for everyone," the narrator says. "So tell Mitt Romney, kittens are cute. One percent fat cats who won't pay their fair share? Eh, not so much."

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The Democrat-controlled Senate is due to consider the Buffett rule this afternoon but the 60 votes needed to bring the bill to a debate are unlikely to materialize, according to The New York Times.