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Aurora shooting: Suspect James Holmes had his apartment 'set up to kill'

Federal authorities had to dismantle booby-traps in order to enter the apartment of James Holmes, the man accused of shooting dead 12 people at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

James holmes aurora 21 7 2012Enlarge
The apartment building in Aurora, Colorado, where suspect James Holmes allegedly planned a mass shooting at a nearby movie theater. (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Police say they found the home of James Holmes, the man accused of carrying out a deadly shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, "set up to kill."

Officers were finally able to enter the third-floor apartment today with the assistance of federal explosives experts, the Denver Post reported.

They had to disarm one device and destroy another in a controlled explosion.

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The apartment contained dozens of home-made booby-traps constructed from liquid explosives, chemical, powders and bullets, according to the Washington Post

Whoever planted them apparently wanted to "kill and maim any first responders or anyone that came in there," a law enforcement official told the paper.

Police were able to photograph the inside of the apartment yesterday using a camera attached to a pole and inserted through a window. 

Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates told reporters that he had never seen anything like it, according to CBS News.

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Holmes, 24, was taken into custody in a parking lot behind the movie theater where he allegedly shot 70 people, at least 12 of them fatally, early Friday morning.

He warned police that his apartment contained explosives, but since then is said to have stopped cooperating with authorities. He also reportedly calls himself "the Joker."

Former classmates and neighbors told NBC News they remembered Holmes as a quiet, intelligent and unassuming person.

Police have refused to comment on any possible motive. They say that, in the past 60 days, Holmes had purchased four guns and more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition, Reuters reported.

Holmes is due to appear in court on Monday morning.

Meanwhile, several hundred people held a candlelit vigil last night opposite the scene of the shooting, according to the Denver Post. Watch the video below:

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