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Newsweek's 'Muslim Rage' cover becomes Twitter joke

Newsweek's 'Muslim Rage' cover was meant to spark discussion on anti-American violence worldwide.

Newsweek muslim rage cover 2012 09 17Enlarge
Newsweek's controversial "Muslim Rage" cover (Screengrab)

Newsweek's controversial "Muslim Rage" cover was meant to spark discussion on anti-American violence, but instead became a joke on Twitter among Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

The magazine is taking criticism for the cover, which screams "MUSLIM RAGE" in all caps atop a photo of two wild-eyed, bearded men.

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The new issue also leads with an article by the highly-polarizing Ayaan Hirsi Ali about the protests in the Middle East and elsewhere worldwide over a film produced in the US that mocks the Prophet Muhammad.

Magazine editors invited readers to discuss the cover using the hashtag #muslimrage, which has since been mocked on Twitter.

Here are some of the most memorable links and tweets in response: