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Although Barack Obama won, the bitter campaign divided the US. The president emerges with a tenuous mandate and an urgent domestic to-do list. Abroad, a new world order is rising from the euro crisis, the Arab Spring and emerging Asia, and US leadership will be key. In this series, GlobalPost's far-flung correspondents bring you insights into how President Obama's re-election will impact their regions.

Romney univision 2012
US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney arrives on stage to take part in Univision's show 'Gran Encuentro' with moderators Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas in Miami on September 19, 2012. (AFP/Getty Images)
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Romney's Univision interview triggers social media storm

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney stepped up his efforts to woo Latino voters. Spanish-language network Univision asked the questions. Romney answered. America is reacting.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Wednesday answered questions in a live forum hosted by the Spanish-language Univision network. 

Student supporters in the audience at the University of Miami cheered as Romney responded in English to Spanish-language questions about immigration, education, health care, jobs and the economy. And while the audience appeared supportive of the Republican candidate, many of Romney's comments regarding hot-button issues, as well as his conveniently bronze appearence, triggered a not-so-calm social media storm in the wake of the forum.

The event, which was co-hosted by Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas, was co-sponsored by Facebook and broadcast live online in Spanish and English in the evening and aired on Univision later Wednesday night.

Ramos and Salinas asked the tough questions, Romney answered them, and below, viewers and voters reacted:

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Univision Presidential Forum: Mitt Romney

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AT)Banner Plane Over Miami Romney's Miami Univision Forum: 'Hey Mitt: We're Voters, Not Victims' (PHOTO) Cuppett
Romney courageous to stick to his guns about the 47% Sticks to jobs, Oppty & not Dream Act pander @ Univision #tcotNorsu
#UnivisionForum #MittRomney claims he is slow to answer as he needs to wait for translation. Yeah, right!Gonzalo Casals
Gov Romney, Spanish is not a 'foreign' language to millions of Latin American immigrants.Its also the language of opportunity! #UnivisionMariana Atencio
Soundtracks matter. And the enthusiastic applause alone, along with Romney's cool delivery, will make Univision forum a win for himMarc Caputo
The crowd is pretty supportive of Romney and #Univision is pushing pretty hard on the immigration/DREAM Act issue.Internet Terrorist
#Decision2012, Univision forum Romney in favor of temporary work permits, against massive raids, but avoids clear position on Dream Act.Catherine Benamou
Romney wants a "permanent solution" on immigration. Won't say what it is. #univisionforumJoe Gravellese
Mitt Romney's normal complexion: 
Mitt Romney appears more tan at the Univision Forum:
Romney's #TrumpTan for his visit to Univision is the ultimate in condescension. Mitt doesn't tan! Ever. #p2 #tcot
Hat tip to the folks at @Gawker for this little twist:
Republican presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney stepped up efforts to woo #LatinoVoters Wednesday in a forum... Worth For Obama
DREAM Act: Mitt Romney still calls DREAMers 'illegal aliens' at Univision's Latino Forum: via @wtcommunitiesStephanie De Luna
#DREAMAct: @MittRomney still calls DREAMers 'illegal aliens' at Univision's Latino Forum
#Romney calls himself "grandfather of ObamaCare" at Latino forum #ACA #PaidSickDays #WOW #fem2 #immigrationWinter_Thur
Romney to Univision: "Obama sometimes says I'm the grandfather of Obamacare. I don't think he means that as a compliment, but I'll take it."Eric
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