Clint Eastwood debuts new Romney ad (VIDEO)

The Internet responded with a flood of jokes and memes after Clint Eastwood gave a rambling speech to an 'invisible Obama' at the Republican National Convention Thursday.

Clint Eastwood is at it again.

After receiving massive criticism over his infamous empty chair speech at the Republican National Convention, the actor and director debuted a new ad for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Wednesday.

In the new 30-second spot "At Stake," Eastwood says "For the last few years America has been knocked down. Twenty-three million people can't find full-time work, and we borrow $4 billion every single day, much of it from China," CBS News reported.

Eastwood goes on to say "Obama's second term would be a rerun of the first, and our country just couldn't survive that. We need someone who can turn it around fast. That man is Mitt Romney."

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Back in August, Eastwood spoke to an 'invisible Obama' on the final night of the RNC, "criticizing him for everything from flying in Air Force One to not removing troops quickly enough from Afghanistan," as GlobalPost reported.

The commercial, backed by Karl Rove, will run in seven crucial election swing states - Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, Florida, New Hampshire, Nevada and Virginia, CBS News reported.