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Floods, fires, power outages and a crane dangling over Manhattan. GlobalPost brings you the latest from Superstorm Sandy.

Instacane hurricane Sandy
Hunkering down and drunkering up!! With @jsmallidge #sandy #hurricane #instacane #frankenstorm #bringit via Instagram user MJrudman. (MJrudman/Screengrab)
United States

Instagram users share Hurricane Sandy pictures with Instacane

Instagram users share their Hurricane Sandy preparations under the hashtags #Sandy and #Instacane.

Ramen Noodles, Poland Springs and liquor companies should thank Hurricane Sandy for rolling through the East Coast of the United States, because according to Instagram, those are the only products people are buying right now. 

Weather forecasters may be warning to stay out of the path of the 900-mile wide Frankenstorm, Superstorm, Snoweastercane, whatever you may call it, but most of you it seems are just looking forward to the day off and a good time. Here are a few of GlobalPost's favorite Instagram photos found under #Sandy, #Frankenstorm and #Instacane.