Pizza delivery boy accused of raping woman claims his victim was "horny"

The man allegedly told police he put poison on his children's pizza.

The pizza delivery boy accused of raping a woman who was sleeping next to her child has written a confession in which he claims his female victim was drunk and “horny”.

Police allege Cesar Lucas, 16, crept into the woman's apartment on the Upper West Side after delivering a pizza to her neighbor on September 29.

In a two-page written confession letter obtained by The New York Post, Lucas refers to himself in the third person as he details what happened.

The writing is barely literate and with bad spelling and handwriting as he explains how he was overcome “in away he never had felted before.”

After delivering a pizza to another apartment, he was feeling "horny" so he was checking doorknobs to see if any doors were open. The door to the victim's home was open and he went in.

“So then he just approach her with this type of feelings he had never felted before which led him to do things he would never think he would do in his life,” he wrote. 

"So then Cesar starts having a short talk with the girl because she was completely drunk she could bearly talk corecty,” according to his statement.

He claims “she also started to feel horny” during the attack.

“I was really pretty scare because she was drunk and kind of took advantage of her,” he said.

The Gothamist reported the teenager pleaded not guilty on Thursday on charges of rape, burglary, sex abuse and endangering a child.

Prosecutors hinted to the court that in addition to the written confession, they have DNA evidence, fingerprints and medical records.

The victim's attorney, Marc Albert, told The New York Daily News the confession was ludicrous and obnoxious. 

“My client was fast asleep. My client woke up in the middle of a dead sleep,” said Albert.

The newspaper said the victim has filed a lawsuit against Lucas, Sal’s Pizza, the restaurant where he worked, and the management company for her doorman operated building.