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Obama family lands in Hawaii for the holidays (PHOTOS)

Obama and his family arrived in Hawaii early Saturday morning, after the President's last-ditch attempt to resolve the fiscal cliff stalemate.

Even presidents need vacations. Or, in this case, especially presidents.

Obama and his family arrived in Hawaii early Saturday morning, after his last-ditch attempts to resolve the looming fiscal cliff before Christmas were rejected by Republican House Speaker John Boehner. 

“Merry Christmas – because we didn’t get this done, I’ll see you next week,” Obama said at a press conference, during which he told reporters he was still hopeful that a solution could be reached before the Bush era tax cuts expire, the Washington Post reported

"As we leave town for a few days to be with our families, it will give us some perspective," Obama said, joking that lawmakers should "drink some egg nog, [and] have some Christmas cookies" and saying he hoped the break would give everyone a chance to "cool off," according to the Hill

Boehner also headed home to Ohio on Friday for the holidays, Fox News reported

The Obamas traveled in Air Force One, which landed in Honolulu minutes after midnight local time on Saturday, the Associated Press reported

The first family is renting a resort in the beach town of Kailua, on the east side of Oahu, as they have done every year since Obama took office. The vacation home is 12 miles from downtown Honolulu and is nearby a Marine base, according to the AP. 

Obama's holiday looks like it will be a short one: officials said the president, who was born in Hawaii, is expected to return to Washington on Wednesday. 

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Carol Dijkhuyzen More than 1 year ago
I hope the President enjoys his vacation ..let the crazy birthers bury themselves to jealousnes!These are the people with NRA,& gun loving republicans,to be deported not Pierce Morgan...The republicans must voted OUt of Office this coming mid-term..they are NRA supporters killing our kids...
SaraJ More than 1 year ago
Hey, LA Get a grip. The country is a mess and this joker leaves town? We still have people in the Northeast with no homes because of the hurricane. We have a country that is in debt up to our eyeballs, does he care? Not the mighty Obama, he loads up the plane with his family and heads to paradise, all warm and toasty. Wastes even more money decorating "our White House" for Chrstmas and he isn't even there. He could have spent Christmas in Washington.. Now you sit back honey, cash in all the freebies you got for voting for this loser and stop trying to sound like you know what you're talkng about. You are the ignorant one.
James M. More than 1 year ago
The rest of the country prepares for higher taxes and increased spending. Meanwhile this, the worst president in history jets around the world on our tax dollar. Is there a problem with Christmas in DC? I'll bet that the jet fuel to propel his royal butt to Hawaii is more than I make in a year. Does anyone see the problem with our government? Where is the leadership. Do as I say, not as I do, that's the president we have.
Jeep More than 1 year ago
The work for our country is not done nd like a good progressive liber he goes on vacation. Did moochelle fly on a different jet again just because she is special?
LA Girl2 More than 1 year ago
Jeep is a typical Republican redneck. Can't spell and never graduated from high school. Get your GED - on second thought you probably can't pass that either.
James M. More than 1 year ago
And LA girl is his understudy.