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Monopoly announces cat to replace the iron on property trading game board

The cat will replace the iron token on the Monopoly game board after an online vote.

Monopoly catEnlarge
And the winner is... (AP PHOTO/STEVEN SENNE/Screengrab)

Female Monopoly fans around the world rejoice!

The cat will replace the iron on the classic property trading game board.

Internet voting to decide which new token would replace one of the old stalwarts closed just before midnight on Tuesday.

In the final hours of voting on Facebook, the shoe, wheelbarrow and iron were “neck and neck for elimination,” the Associated Press reported.

In the end, the iron proved too distasteful and sexist for the Internet generation of Monopoly fans and it was given the order to “Go Directly to Jail.”

The cat drew 31 percent of the votes, beating a robot, diamond ring, helicopter and guitar to the board, Pop Blend reported.

But as Pop Blend pointed out, “when you put something up to a vote on the Internet, how do you expect a cat not to win?

Not all Monopoly fans were pleased with the result.

“Well, that's a hughe (sic) disappointment. The robot was infinitely cooler,” Rebecca Mis wrote on the Monopoly Save Your Token Facebook page.

Amanda DeLassus wrote: “ I hate cats. Ugh. Should have been the helicopter. Some people just don't have much taste. Needless to say, I will not be buying Monopoly again.”

The game’s maker, Hasbro, launched the Save Your Token Campaign in response to chatter on Facebook where Monopoly has more than 10 million fans.