Code Pink protesters interrupt CIA Director-nominee John Brennan confirmation hearing

Code Pink protesters interrupt John Brennan's confirmation hearing in Washington on Thursday.

The Senate Intelligence Committee hearing to confirm John Brennan as the next director of the CIA was briefly suspended on Thursday after anti-war Code Pink protesters repeatedly interrupted the session.

Demonstrators accused Brennan of being a “traitor to democracy” and a “war criminal” before committee chairwoman Senator Dianne Feinstein declared enough was enough and ordered the Code Pink members to be ejected from the room.

“This witness is entitled to be heard ladies and gentlemen,” Feinstein was quoted by The Washington Examiner as saying.

“I’m going to ask that the room be cleared and the Code Pink associates not be permitted to come back in.

“Five times is enough.”

Feinstein herself was a target of the protesters, with one woman asking the California Democrat if her children were “more important than the children of Pakistan an Yemen,” Politico reported.

The Washington Post said the hearing resumed a few minutes after the room was cleared.

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