Joe Biden 'zombie eye,' glasses go viral in State of the Union

A shot of Vice President Joe Biden’s glasses -- and bloody eye -- on Monday, Feb. 12, 2013, post-contact accident.

Joe Biden's bringing sexy back to the bespectacled.

And ... bloodshot "zombie eyes?"

The vice president's rimless glasses, artfully dangled and appearing at times to match Biden's lilac-colored ties, went viral on Twitter and other social networks during tonight's State of the Union address.

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"Joe Biden wears glasses? How did I not know this?" The Fix tweeted.

"Seems cruel of Biden to match lavender glasses and a tie with no promise of performing 'Bennie and the Jets,'" wrote Twitter user Louis Virtel.

His bloodshot left eye, which some took to calling a "zombie eye," also freaked out more than a few viewers.

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"Sweet Baby Moses, Joe Biden's eye is terrifying," tweeted Jonathan Waldrop.

"What's up with Joe Biden's eye? I can't focus on the speech with Joe sitting back there looking like he's missing an eyeball," wrote John from CT.

Turns out, Biden scratched his left eye with a contact lens earlier this week, The Huffington Post reported.

Here's a popular gif of Biden's "tinted glasses."

The Veep also made the popular new Vine app, which poked fun at his fidgeting.