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Twitter is not excited about tonight's State of the Union speech

Clean toilets? Twitter users give their take on what would make a better Tuesday evening than watching the #SOTU.

Clone of Obama budget fix 2013 02 05Enlarge
More than 37 million people tuned into the 2012 State of the Union. But not everyone is one the edge of their seat for tonight's speech. #ThingsIdRatherDoThanWatchSOTU (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

US President Barack Obama will be addressing the nation tonight in his fifth State of the Union speech.

A whopping 37 million viewers tuned in last year to hear the President talk about mortgage refinancing and minimum tax rates.

That number was actually down from the previous two years, when more than 42 million Americans tuned in.

If you're not counting down the minutes to Obama's 9 p.m. address — what else could you get up to on a Tuesday night?

Twitter users are getting creative with #ThingsIdRatherDoThanWatchSOTU.