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Caroline Kennedy considered for Japan ambassador job

Caroline Kennedy could become the United States ambassador to Japan.

Caroline Kennedy DNCEnlarge
Caroline Kennedy speaks at the DNC. (AFP/Getty/AFP/Getty Images)

Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of late President John F. Kennedy, could become the next US ambassador to Japan,  Bloomberg News reported. Two sources told Bloomberg that she is Obama's first choice to nominate for the position.

Kennedy, 55, would replace Ambassador John Roos. The president reportedly already signed off on Kennedy’s nomination, and others are now vetting her for the post.

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This isn't the first time that she's been rumored for an ambassador position. Earlier this month, Fox News reported that Kennedy was a candidate to become the US ambassador to Canada. 

Kennedy is president of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation and served for nine years as the vice chair of the Fund for Public Schools.

She has not been shy about heaping praise on Obama. In January of 2008, when Obama was going against Clinton for the Democratic nomination, Kennedy endorsed him in a New York Times column.

Before Obama, “I have never had a president who inspired me the way people tell me that my father inspired them,” she wrote.

Michael Erickson More than 1 year ago
However, America should be asking if these credentials are sufficient to champion our interests and protect our citizens in Japan? Doesn’t Japan deserve better than someone rejected by so many others; why scrape the bottom of the barrel? As an exercise to demonstrate that merit has no weight in these Ambassadorial decisions, I contrast Ms. Kennedy’s credentials against another American. I heard that another American (Michael J. Erickson) has tirelessly campaigned for the posting of U.S. Ambassador to Japan for several years without even getting a professional acknowledgement or response. He expressed his desire and presented his credentials numerous times through various channels to President Obama; Secretaries of State Clinton & Kerry; White House Director-Communications; every member of the House/Senate Foreign Affairs/Relations Committees; every State Governor; every State Chamber of Commerce; a dozen other sitting Senators/Representatives; and even the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Perhaps he did not have such financial resources as Ms. Kennedy (he is a commoner). However, he thought his expertise and credentials might be praise-worthy: He is an Honorably Retired US Marine, who served two tours of duty in Okinawa/Japan defending American interests, including an important posting at MCAS Iwakuni (where American and Japan government are creating a dual civil/military airport. He has supported American companies on US Government Trade Missions (Depts. of State, Energy, and Commerce) to Japan in an effort to bring American technologies to the Environmental Remediation of Fukushima Prefecture. He supported the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in their acquisition of Japanese aviation technologies for the D.O.T. Tech Center; He led his company to capture important Defense Contracts at US military bases in Japan. As a Stakeholder with business interests in both America and Japan, he offered his support to the US Trade Representative (USTR) for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), as well as offering TPP consulting support to various States that are heavily involved in American/Japanese business (e.g. California; New Jersey; Virginia; etc.). Mr. Erickson has lived/worked in Tokyo for the past 10-years, supporting American & Japanese B2B teaming for dozens of companies on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. Uniquely for an American, he has supported Japan International Cooperative Agency (JICA) in aviation master plan studies in countries such as Philippines; Indonesia; Vietnam; Cambodia; Lao; etc. He helped the Japanese Government to create the entire ICAO-based Aviation English Testing Program for Pilots & Air Traffic Controllers, personally testing more than 2500 Japanese aviators in a 6-month period. He is an expert on Japanese Business & Culture: he speaks Japanese; is married to a Japanese Citizen; has a 3-year old daughter born at Yokosuka Naval Hospital. I guess none of Mr. Erickson’s technical capabilities, expertise, multi-lateral, multi-lingual, cross-border credentials are as important to shepherding American interests in Japan…when stacked-up against Ms. Kennedy and her money, right?
Michael Erickson More than 1 year ago
What a disappointment to hear that President Obama will select Ms. Caroline Kennedy as next U.S. Ambassador to Japan. This is not the best way to demonstrate to USF-Japan, Japanese Government, or the Asia-Pacific region that America highly values the strategic alliances in APAC. Instead of lowering the bar to meet her capabilities…isn’t the Mission of the U.S. Ambassador to Japan all about appointing the best people to protect America’s civil and military interests with professional expertise? Why is it that these crucial Ambassadorial appointments do not take into consideration any: Credentials, Local Expertise, cross-border business or personal connections, understanding of military activities, or even a concerted desire for a posting? Let’s review the (weak) credentials Ms. Kennedy needed to get this Ambassadorial consideration: in a Time Magazine interview on 13May2002, she stated that she saw her future as a Writer; then changing that, she attempted to use her Kennedy name and daddy’s money to step into the Senate-seat vacated by Ms. Hillary Clinton, but failed miserably in that effort (mostly because she is secretive about important issues, and did not want to tell about her $100-million dollars). Then she ‘expressed a passing interest’ in being U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Ireland, the Vatican (refused to have her), UK, etc., but did not get those either. She reminds me of Katy Perry song about changing minds like changing clothes. She worked part-time (3-days a week) for the NY Department of Education as a fund-raiser for school systems (that isn’t helpful in Japan) at salary of $1 (I guess it was lucky she had those $100-million in savings); and worked for the Metropolitan Museum of Art (not helpful unless Japan becomes a big Arts donor); she represented her family at a couple funerals and park-dedications; she donated $2300 to Ms. Clinton’s Campaign Fund…oh, yes…she stumped for President Obama and wrote a nice article in the press praising him. She also wrote a nice piece about her field-trip visiting Graceland in Rolling Stone, so I guess that shows she can write. She gathered some campaign donations as well. She certainly is a noteworthy orator (vitally important for an Ambassador)…having said ‘You Know’ 168-times during a 30-minute interview with NY1. Perhaps the Japanese Government will be impressed with that capability; it will certainly make all the official USA/Japan meeting transcripts much longer.
catiadamson More than 1 year ago
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