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Would you have sex with a robot? Most Americans wouldn't: Study

Americans more okay with robot maids, provided they steer clear of the bedroom.

Robot baby 2012 07 28Enlarge
The robot baby reaches out for a hug. (Asada Lab/Screengrab)

Yes, would you have sex with a robot? If you would, you'd be joined by less than ten percent of the US population, according to a new study by the Huffington Post and YouGov of 1,000 adults nationwide. 

The disapproval doesn't end there. If you did it with a robot while in a committed relationship, just under half the nation (42%) would call you a cheater, the study found

Since Americans are "a bit squeamish about bots in especially personal roles," The Huffington Post decided to see if they'd be more chill about other stuff.

Meaning, stuff most people don't like doing anyway. Housecleaning, for example. Nearly two-thirds of of Americans think robots will be sweeping up after them by 2030, but only one-third (33%) of them are actually okay with that. 

Same with caring for the elderly. Fifty-eight percent of people said no robot would be caring for their elder person, and only a quarter think that'll even be possible by 2030. 

Driving? Google's driverless cars have already taken that idea for a spin, so researchers jumped on board. Indeed, nearly half of respondents thought robots will be behind the wheel in a couple decades. About the same amount of people said they thought robots would be serving in the military -- but again, that's probably been helped by the whole drone thing

So it seems that outside the bedroom, more Americans are receptive to robotic roles in their everyday lives. Less than 20% thought sexbots will be around in 2030, and only nine percent said they'd take advantage of them if they were. However, the Huffington Post said "perhaps they wouldn't have been keen on admitting that if they could." Maybe they got a lot of wishy-washy, ""-type responses.

Who knows, but the report said findings correspond with similar research conducted at Stanford University.