Newborn baby found on beach in Hawaii

Authorities in Hawaii are searching for the mother of a newborn baby found abandoned on a beach.

A newborn baby was found naked and crying on a beach in Hawaii on Sunday night. 

The 8-pound baby girl was “abandoned immediately after birth” on Sandy Beach in east Honolulu. 

Luckily for the infant, a woman had gone to the beach for a midnight stroll. The woman told police she heard “several people screaming” on the beach.

A few minutes later the screaming stopped and was replaced by the sound of a baby crying.

The concerned woman walked towards the crying and found the full-term baby lying on the near the water’s edge, naked and alone.

The woman, nothing short of a Good Samaritan, took the baby to hospital where she is “doing well.”

Authorities are now searching for the mother, who could be prosecuted for endangering the welfare of a child and abandonment.

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