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Horse slaughterhouses to reopen in US

The US government has given the go-ahead to a slaughterhouse that will produce horse meat for human consumption.

horse meat plant usEnlarge
A tray of horse meat on sale at a shop in Bremen, Germany, on Feb. 14, 2013. (AFP/Getty Images)

The US government has given the go-ahead to a slaughterhouse that will produce horse meat for human consumption. The plant, Valley Meat Co. in Roswell, NM, is the first such slaughterhouse in the country in six years.

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Congress banned funding for inspection of horse slaughterhouses in 2007, which stopped the production of horse meat in the US, but the ban lapsed in 2011.

“The administration has requested Congress to reinstate the ban on horse slaughter,” USDA press secretary Courtney Rowe told Bloomberg Businessweek. “Until Congress acts, the department must continue to comply with current law.”

Four more US slaughterhouses have filed requests with USDA for horse slaughtering permits, AFP reported. The agency said it expects to issue licenses for facilities in Gallatin, Miss., and Sigourney, Iowa, as soon as July 1, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

Valley Meat Co. will process up to a hundred horses a day and export the meat, mostly to Japan and Europe, AFP reported.

The company is also willing supply to American customers, Valley Meat Co. lawyer A. Blair Dunn told Bloomberg Businessweek. “Nothing serious has materialized as far as anyone in the US,” Dunn said. “If there is a demand in this country, then yes,” the company would sell them horse meat.

US lawmakers pushing to ban horse meat production were dismayed by the news.

"Horses are not bred for human consumption – they're companion animals, similar to dogs or cats," US Rep. Patrick Meehan (R.-Pa.) told AFP. "Not only is it inhumane, it's unsafe: over the course of their lives, horses are regularly treated with drugs that are potentially toxic to humans if ingested.”

Advocates for the plants say slaughterhouses prevent less humane ends for horses, including being abandoned or shipped to Mexico to be killed.

Donovan Gottlieb More than 1 year ago
Chris is obviously callous or not aware of how the horses are slaughtered. It is not humane nor does every State want one. There are a few greedy business people who see the horse shipped to Mexico and want a piece of the action. The majority of Americans do not want slaughter. It is toxic to consume and illegal in the United States. Americans do not feel we should be slaughtering for export to other countries who do consume it. Sending these poor creatures to torture and cruel vivisection while alive is not humane. We want this to stop elsewhere but certainly not start up in our country. They are companion animals- not raised for meat and like dogs and cats, there is a humane way to euthanize. To accept $100 from kill buyers is a cop out. It's greed on the backs of horses. We owe them so much more than that. The fight is just beginning and the American people have spoken.
Mark Donners More than 1 year ago
The clear displays of lack of any conscience from psychotics for criminal acts show how ignorant and infinitely vicious the criminal elements of the human race are who thoroughly enjoy spending their lives murdering pets, children, anything that can feel pain.. murder, terror and screaming pain is in this underclass of the human races' blood. There is no hell described in any literature that can accurately depict the depths of horror in the minds and disgusting character of this class of subhuman vicious nightmare. Out of all the life forms on earth, these subhuman trash are the ones who don't deserve the oxygen they breathe.
Mark Donners More than 1 year ago
USDA like a few other morally and criminally corrupted US government departments commonly make "rulings" which have zero moral or legal legitimacy. Every single psychotic employee of their bribing partners in crime in "Valley meat" from the bottom of that monster organization to their top sleazy managers, have already proved they are a serious threat to society. They are bloody sadists and criminals who are a threat not only to our pets but to children and to families. "Valley meat" "employees" and managers are no more than a criminal gang that should and must be taken down immediately and incarcerated for life in prisons reserved for the worst offenders since they pose such a threat to decent society.
Chris More than 1 year ago
Go to Mexico and see what corrupt really is. No 25 cent words south of the border...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Idea! U first. I have already been inside dekalb plant, you have no ideA what goes on.
Vickery Eckhoff More than 1 year ago
Those Mexico plants operate according to EU regulations, Chris. And, FYI, EU won't take US horse meat. Too many drugs, no tracking.
Miriam12q More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Peition to overturn the legalization of the slaughter of horses for human consumption on under animals please sign to stop this!
Shirley Hodges More than 1 year ago
There needs to be a nuclear war to wake people up in different country's greed on the people have the dollar sign in there eyes lets let the bomb out I would never eat horse meat I seen the way they treat animals in different country's there's no law on the way thwy treat animals in different country's n mexico there down rite evil towards animals obama let the nucular bomb out n wake people up
Susan de Lange More than 1 year ago
Perde vleis vir ons 'consumption'?!!! Nee dankie!! Spaar eerder hulle lewens!!
linwood69918255 More than 1 year ago
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Chris More than 1 year ago
I have two horses and yes I love them and take care of them. Not all people care for their horses like I do. I see horses that are too old to ride sit out at pasture or in a stall and basically go for a couple years before death without proper care because all the care goes to the horses that are younger and ridden regularly or worked. Some people just dont have the funds to "dispose" of the horse. So sometimes an individual is called who will buy the horse for $100 and transport the horse to Mexico for slaughter. They load up the trailer as full as they can before making the trip. Horses go without food and water because they think as long as the horse can survive transport then into slaughter house then its all good. Mexico has a cruel way of doing this. Its their culture though. No regulations, the horses live a ride of fear and starvation until arriving to slaughterhouse, hooked to a wench upside down and bled to death. Some"walk" the horse in with whips and shoot them in the head a couple times until dead. So animal right advocates need to open their eyes and see what really happens. They need to put themselves in the shoes of people who work paycheck to paycheck. Like most Americans. These people would rather get a $100 for a "useless" horse to go to Mexico instead of paying $150 to have a vet put it down and then find out a way to dispose of the carcass. I have seen dead bloated horses in the outskirts of "under privileged" neighborhoods tied to telephone poles left their by the owners. American slaughter houses should be in every state. Deep pocketed animal rights lawmakers need to take off their rose colored glasses and see what life really is like without making $ 90,000 a year.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you have seen horses in under priviledged areaz how come only u know about. Did you take pics, video, expose it, call authorities, find the owners, killers. Or did u just lie and play dead like all proslaughter. At least hard working people are buying these anals to save them. Big mouth pro slaughter doesnt do a thing Quit listening to the piper playing the fife and those are Not 25 cent words. Until you have worked to save horsez, until you have helped buy hay for fellow horseowners until you have exhausted all available options dont say anything more. Horses in dekalb hung ali e o. Hooks, squirming, they took a baseball bat and hit a foal in the head, horses arrived with hooves torn off, blood everywhere. You dont know us plants. Dead body parts, the stench. Your just another disposable society jerk.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Then you will be for not allowing people making under 90000 a year not have a horse right, well most people who abandoned or neglected animals were not low income people. You are such an uninformed person!
Glow Amy More than 1 year ago
What is beyond absurd is the pro slaughter people feigning concern over the horses being shipped out of country to be slaughtered when they are the very ones that for years have been stopping the bills banning it from being passed.And by the way, Canada and even the US horses that go to Mexico go to two EU approved plants which must follow EU humane standards, Which are the same as the US slaughter plants. The slaughter houses in Mexico which use the punitalla knife are local and just slaughter local horses. And the Canada and Mexico plants are closer to a lot of places in the US then our plants. And horses will STILL be shipped to US plants in exact same crowded trailers. When our plants were still open 30% of our horses were still shipped to Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered.
Glow Amy More than 1 year ago
What a crock. What part of " THE SLAUGHTER OPTION NEVER ENDED" do pro slaughter people not get? (Actually, what they PRETEND not to get. ) The pro slaughter people just ignore the recession that has affected all businesses, and continue to parrot their proven lie that the closing of the U.S. plants is what caused any and all horse problems, including more unwanted , abandoned,starving or abused horses When that's IMPOSSIBLE! Because horse slaughter and the slaughter option has never ended! There are more horses sold to slaughter now than before the U.S. horse slaughter plants were closed. Now 100% are being shipped to Canada and Mexico when before it was around 30%. A little deductive reasoning, please. You can't attribute negative consequences to something that HASN'T CHANGED. If people wanted to sell their horse to slaughter, THEY STILL COULD. They can take them to any horse auction in the country and the kill buyers are still there buying as many or more horses then ever.
Vickery Eckhoff More than 1 year ago
Yeah. Open your eyes. Look at a map and tell us all how New Mexico is just a short hop for horses going to slaughter from most points in the US. And, FYI, the cruel trips to Mexico and Canada are being made by the same US kill buyers who drove horses on long trips without food or water when the plants were in Texas and IL. YOu can see the gruesome photos of these "humane US plants" at
Justin M More than 1 year ago
slaughter houses? How about selling them as work horses? Sure they wont be able to run as fast as they did at the races, but they can still be put to work.
Chris More than 1 year ago
No they cannot. An older horse cannot "work". Not to mention their are no real jobs for horses in the year 2013. We have pickup trucks and all terrain vehicles for that stuff now. Think about it?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Also i had a twenty three year old mare, she rode and worked until the day she died. She led the trail ride, picked first calf, tied everysaddle broke colt to her, showrd, taught kids to ride. At 20 won a cutting horse show at gordyville usa! Stuff it!
John More than 1 year ago
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