FBI releases chilling Washington Navy Yard shooting video

This image taken from an edited video released by the FBI shows Aaron Alexis prowling the halls of the Washington Navy Yard facility.

Chilling video footage released by the FBI on Wednesday shows Aaron Alexis brandishing a sawed-off shotgun as he prowled the hallways of the Washington Navy Yard on Sept. 16 looking for victims.

The edited images were taken from closed-circuit video cameras inside the facility and do not show any instances of Alexis firing the weapon. The 34-year-old shot dead 12 people during the hour-long rampage before he was killed in a shootout with police.

The FBI published the video along with a timeline of Alexis’s actions that morning and findings of their investigation into the incident.

An analysis of Alexis’s electronic media suggests he was “delusional” and believed he was being controlled by “extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves,” the FBI said in a statement on its website.

An etching on the Remington 870 shotgun used by Alexis said “My ELF weapon!” which FBI investigators believe is a reference to the electromagnetic waves.

They also found a document in his electronic media that said: “Ultra low frequency attack is what I’ve been subject to for the last 3 months, and to be perfectly honest that is what has driven me to this.”

The FBI believes Alexis was prepared to die in the attack and his victims were selected at random.

The 30-second video shows Alexis entering the Navy Yard complex in a rented blue Toyota Prius. Moments later he is seen calmly walking into the building with a backpack slung over his left shoulder.

Subsequent images show Alexis preparing his sawed-off Remington 870 shotgun and then walking the halls of the facility. The FBI said Alexis was also carrying a Beretta handgun.