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There's so much disturbing weather all over the world right now

Enjoy Christmas, folks, because it could be your last.

It got so hot in Denver this week that they hit a record high of 68 degrees Farenheit. 

But don't worry. Not everywhere where it's supposed to be winter is having summer. Some places that are supposed to be having summer are having winter.

What? Yeah. It's snowing in Vietnam. And in Cairo.

Enjoy Christmas, folks, because it could be your last. Here's a list of recent freaky weather events that you can use against your relatives who don't believe in climate change. Call it a cheat sheet, if you like:


1) Snow in Vietnam

Ice-covered tree in Lao Cai, Vietnam. (Vietnam News Agency/AFP/Getty Images)

Snow is falling in Vietnam for the first time in many years.

In the northen mountainous region of Sapa, a prolonged heavy snowfall this week crushed crops, closed schools and took the temperature down with it into the 20s. 

What happens in a normally balmy part of the world that gets a rare snowfall? Pretty much the same thing that happens everywhere else: a traffic jam. Except it's for a very different reason. Al Jazeera reports that on Monday:

The snow caused a five-hour traffic jam as people drove into the mountainous provinces of Lao Cai and Ha Giang to see the wintry flurries.

You also get some pissed-off water buffaloes. Here's pics.


2) Dry season not so dry

China's Guangdong province. (AFP/Getty Images)

It's dry season in much of Southeast Asia, but you wouldn't know it. 

Zhanjiang, in China’s Guangdong province, has already received three times the amount of rain expected for the entire month of December.

Oudomxay in Laos recently reported 142 mm of rain in a 24-hour period despite it being dry season.


3) Denver hits a record high

Sunset over the Rockies in Denver. (Doug Pensinger/AFP/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Denver hit a record-high on Wednesday of 68 degrees Farenheit — and weather reporters were talking about it like it was a good thing.

But don't worry, winter is back. The next day's forecast included snow. Because temperatures that fluctuate 50 degrees overnight are totally normal.


4) Middle East meets snowmen

Snow covers Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. (AFP/Getty Images)

Also totally wack is snow in the Middle East, including Cairo, where it has snowed for the first time in a century. If that's not unsettling, I don't know what it is.

Oh wait, yes I do. The snowmen that came after.


5) Buenos Aires blacks out

Buenos Aires blackout. (Daniel/GarciaAFP/Getty Images)

Argentina has the opposite problem, but no less freaky. A heatwave that is 20 degrees above monthly averages has literally turned the lights off in Buenos Aires.

AP reports:

Power outages are plaguing Buenos Aires as temperatures soar above 95 degrees and everyone tries to turn on their air conditioners at once.

Paul Vlachos 10 months ago
Isn't it time we look at how we as humans are evolving as the weather is evolving and finally make that simple connection, we are all in this together and should act that way! Consider the results when we are ahead of the changing weather systems, instead of just gauking at it afterwards.
Keith Decie 10 months ago
Why do you, Global Post, present a brewing catastrophe as a cute little series of jokes? What are you thinking? This really isn't a lighthearted matter, my friends.
Troy Savary 10 months ago
Typical, even below average temps and snow in places that do not get snow is "proof" of global warming. We just went through the solar maximum last decade and are swinging to a solar minimum. It is going to continually get colder for the rest of the decade. These cycles have been happening for thousands of years, and will continue, regardless of what we do with CO2.
Kevin Mahoney 10 months ago
Um Argentina is in summer right now...
Keith Decie 10 months ago
Argentina was hot in its winter too. The article points out that the temperature is 20 degrees above what's normal for December in BA.