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Town evacuated after North Dakota train collision (VIDEO)

Authorities evacuated an entire town Monday night following a train collision and derailment in North Dakota that sparked a huge fire, sending a fireball and dangerous smoke into the frigid skies.

North dakota train derailment 2013 12 30Enlarge
The entire town of Casselton, N.D., was evacuated Dec. 30, 2013, after two trains collided and derailed, sparking a large fire that sent huge flames and dangerous smoke into the frigid skies. (Screengrab)

An entire North Dakota town was evacuated Monday night after two cargo trains collided, sparking a fire that sent huge flames and dangerous smoke into the frigid skies.

No one was injured in the wreck, according to the Cass County Sheriff's Office.

But authorities said a shift in weather conditions could push the acrid smoke into the nearby town of Casselton and surrounding areas, prompting the evacuation order.

Temperatures hovered around 13-below zero.

Firefighters have been forced to let the fire burn out because they can't get close enough to put out the flames, 

The two trains collided at about 2:15 p.m. CT.

Authorities are trying to determine if one of the trains derailed before or after the crash.

About 10 of the cars on the train carrying oil were fully engulfed in flames when area firefighters arrived.

Casselton is a town of 2,300 residents about 25 miles west of Fargo.