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Hugo Chavez's cancer "in end stage," source tells Dan Rather

An anonymous source told Dan Rather that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's cancer may be in its last stages.

chavez cancer final stagesEnlarge
Dan Rather reported on May 30, 2012, that a reliable but anonymous source told him that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's cancer was in the final stages and he did not have long to live. (LEO RAMIREZ/AFP/Getty Images)

An anonymous source told Dan Rather that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was suffering from metastatic rhabdomyosarcoma, an aggressive cancer that has entered its "end stage."

Rather said on Wednesday that the information and quote came "from a highly respected source close to Chavez and who is in a position to know his medical condition and history," according to HDNet. However, he acknowledge that he had only one source on this information.

Rather's source said the prognosis for Chavez, who is running for reelection, was dire and he was not expected to live "more than a couple of months at most."

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On May 12, Chavez said his cancer treatment in Cuba went well, according to the BBC. He said, "In the last few days we successfully completed the radiation cycle, as planned by the medical team."

In February, Vice President Elias Jaua said that surgeons had removed a lesion from Chavez's pelvic region.

Elections in Venezuela are scheduled for October 7.