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Has Kim Jong Un's wife given birth?

Reports are circulating that say the North Korean leader and his wife are parents to a new baby.

Kim Jong Un's wife, Ri Sol JuEnlarge
Kim Jong Un stands with his wife, Ri Sol Ju. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

SEOUL, South Korea — Speculation is swirling in Seoul, South Korea that the wife of Kim Jong Un has given birth to the newest member of the ruling Kim dynasty. 

The reclusive North Korean leader's wife, Ri Sol Ju, appeared heavily pregnant on state TV on Dec. 17 when attending a memorial service for her late father in law, the former leader Kim Jong-il, reported the Telegraph

She wore a billowing black dress that it was suggested could be hiding a very pregnant belly.

In another photograph, from Dec. 21, Ri is shown "wearing a traditional Korean dress (hanbok) that makes your stomach look puffy," said Geoffrey Cain, GlobalPost's senior correspondent in Korea.

But by New Year's Day, the bump appeared to be gone, according to the Associated Press. Recent photos from an official New Year’s party show Ri wearing a form-fitting skirt suit, with no sign of pregnancy.

See both photos side by side here.

But Cain cautioned that it might be best to hold off on the celebrations for now. If a new member of the Kim dynasty had really been born, he said, the entire nation would be having a "mandatory 'celebration.'"

Speculation about whether Ri was ever pregnant has not been confirmed by the North Korean government. In late October, North Korea's official news agency KCNA released a picture of Ri wearing a long coat, which could have been hiding a baby bump. 

Geoffrey Cain contributed reporting and writing from Seoul.