PNG cult leader Steven Tari, known as 'Black Jesus,' hacked to death

A fugitive cult leader known as “Black Jesus” has been killed by villagers in Papua New Guinea.

Steven Tari, who had been on the run for five months after escaping from prison, was “chopped to death” after he and one of his followers attacked a young woman in a remote village near the northern town of Madang.

His companion was also killed in Thursday’s brutal attack.

Tari was convicted in 2010 of raping female members of his 6,000-strong Christian-based cult.

Reports said he was also accused of practising cannibalism and sacrificial blood rituals, but was only tried for rape.

Tari was serving a lengthy prison sentence for the offences –reportedly between 10 and 15 years -- when he broke out of the Beon jail with 48 other inmates in March.

The Independent said Tari was killed in his home village of Gal, where he is also suspected of murdering a schoolgirl earlier this month.

"Those who live by the sword, die by the sword," district administrator Lawrence Pitor said.

“(Tari) brought his own demise by the evil he dwelled in."