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Special Reports

At a defining moment in the war, General Petraeus' legacy is on the line.
After the summer, Petraeus will likely be taking the helm of the CIA.
A former UK envoy to Kabul has harsh words for U.S. strategy in Afghanistan.

The last fighting season: part two

When a long, hot summer in Afghanistan is over, Gen. Petraeus will likely be taking the helm of the CIA.

“Every family makes enormous sacrifices, long separations, the strain of knowing a loved one is in harms way,” Petraeus said.

“I think you have to try to get into a rhythm I guess, if you will, a routine that is sustainable,” he added.

“I am blessed to have a wonderful wife, who is an army daughter, an army wife and an army mother,” he said of his wife, Holly, a longtime advocate for military families.

Holly was recently been named by the Obama administration’s Elizabeth Warren to head up a new unit at the Consumer Protection Agency that seeks to shield military families from predatory lenders.

“She is very understated and has a very dry humor that particularly pokes fun at me,” Petraeus said.

He added, “I do think it is wonderful the way all American citizens have rallied around our men and women in uniform regardless of their views.”

Then Petraeus described a moment when he and his wife Holly were taking a taxi back to the airport in Boston after seeing Stephen’s graduation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They went under an overpass and looked up to see a large banner hanging down. It read, “Hate the war. Love the troops.”

Petraeus said, “I turned to Holly and said, “Fifty percent ain’t bad. And that’s the right 50 percent.”