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Is Karzai contemplating a war on NATO?

A new tirade by the Afghan president threatens NATO with the same fate as the Soviet Union.

So Karzai’s bark could be very much worse than his bite, says Ahmad Saeedi, a political analyst and former Afghan diplomat.

“I think it’s only propaganda for the media,” he said. “It’s just to sway public opinion. No matter what Karzai says, if we look at our government, we have no economic, political, or military resources to back up this threat.”

Another problem, added Saeedi, is that Karzai does not have the unquestioned loyalty of his people.

“If Karzai were to call on the Afghan people to come and stand beside him, do you think they would support him? Looking at the corruption inside this government, are people ready to defend it? I don’t think so.”

Karzai, he said, seemed intent on “political suicide.”

An Afghan official, speaking on condition of anonymity, was similarly skeptical of the president’s warning.

“What can we do? Throw (NATO) out? No. And even if we could, then what? We have bad neighbors. We are divided internally. We are battling an insurgency. Karzai can do nothing. NATO will continue killing innocent people, they will continue night raids. Karzai cannot do a thing except talk.”