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9 things that were censored today for Tiananmen Square

China banned its citizens from acknowledging the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown, but that didn't stop some of them trying.

HONG KONG — For those commemorating the June 4 anniversary of the 1989 massacre of pro-democracy protesters occupying Beijing's Tiananmen Square, the weather in China's capital was fitting: darkforebodingblack as night

It suited the mood in China, with citizens forbidden to mourn publicly for the hundreds killed in the army crackdown, or to even make allusions to the day. 

Mainland newspapers avoided any mention of June 4's significance, of course, and social media was scrubbed clean of posts relating to the tragedy. One newspaper, the Global Times, even had the gall to run a front-page story today arguing that "Web regulation [is] in [the] public's best interest."  

Even China's ever-inventive netizens found it difficult to make any get around the heightened censorship. 

Here, GlobalPost highlights some of the brave and brilliant attempts to commemorate 6/4 that were thwarted by censors. 

1. Alarm clocks set to 6/4 (i.e. June 4th)
Source: Sina Weibo user majiuqi

2. Burning birthday candles showing 6/4
Source: Sina Weibo user 搜云看雾


3. Rubber ducks pretending to be tanks
Source: Sina Weibo user Type-R_Design理工狼

4. Legos pretending to be "Tank Man"

Source: Sina Weibo user 游豫平解禁啦

5. Mahjong tiles pretending to be tanks
Source: Sina Weibo user 河南掘坟黑幕调查

6. A cartoon cat in a tank
Source: Sina Weibo user 王雪臻-三世而立

7. Pictures of flowers
Source: Sina Weibo user 楊匡-

8. Sheet music and lyrics to China's national anthem, "The March of the Volunteer Army"
Source: Sina Weibo user 无敌破壊王

9. Candle emoticons and the Chinese word for "today"