India: Man arrested after selling baby grandson on Facebook

An Indian woman covers her baby with a newspaper as she waits in line to offer prayers at the Gauri Shankar Temple in New Delhi on July 9, 2012.

A man in India has been arrested after he sold his new-born grandson on Facebook because he wanted to arrange a second marriage for his divorcee daughter, the mother of the child.

With the help of two employees at the hospital in the northern state of Punjab where his daughter gave birth earlier this month, Feroz Khan struck a deal to sell his grandson to a New Delhi businessman who agreed to pay $830 after seeing photos of the baby on the social networking site.

Khan allegedly took his grandson while his daughter was sleeping and transported the baby to the buyer. He later told his daughter that the baby had died.

Police launched an investigation after the daughter lodged a complaint against her father, accusing him of kidnapping and selling her baby.

Authorities found the sickly infant at a hospital in Delhi. Mother and son have since been reunited, while the father and hospital staff have been charged with kidnapping.

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