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Bin Laden raid: Neighbors say Pakistan knew

Pakistani security agents told residents in Abbottabad to stay inside and turn off their lights hours before the raid took place.

Lt. Gen. Asad Durrani, who served as ISI chief in the early 1990s, told the BBC in an interview that he thought Pakistan’s intelligence community most likely knew about the raid on the bin Laden compound beforehand.

“It is possible that they did not know, but it is more likely that they did know,” he said, referring to ISI. “They had some idea about the presence and of course as far as the operation itself is concerned it is not conceivable that it was done without the involvement of Pakistani security forces at some stage — maybe late enough — but the indications are that they were involved and they were told they were in position. The army chief was in his office, the cordons were turned around that particular place — police as well as the military.”

A senior Pakistani intelligence official confirmed for GlobalPost that at the time of the U.S. operation against bin Laden, which began around midnight, Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, the most-senior military official in Pakistan, was at the army headquarters in Rawalpindi and was being given minute-by-minute reports about what was happening.

He refuted the claims made by some government and army officials that although the army chief was at the headquarters at that time, he was not aware of the operation.

“Then what was he doing at [the headquarters] at 1 a.m.?” the intelligence official asked.