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Greece strikes turn violent (PHOTOS) (VIDEO)

Greece has kicked off another two days of general strike action, with flights, trains, buses, taxis and public services all out of action.

Greece was on Wednesday being hit by another general strike, with flights grounded, and closures to public services, shops and offices.

CNN reported that the 48-hour strike action kicked off a day before lawmakers were due to vote on a new round of tough austerity measures – which include increased more tax hikes, pay cuts and job losses.

The strike was called by Greece’s two largest unions that cover public and private sector workers.

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Thousands have gathered in Athens to protest, amid tight security. According to CNN, they were chanting: "Don't bow your head, it's time for resistance and struggle".

Video: Greece Austerity Showdown



Outside parliament, former railway worker Diamandis Goufas said: "I'm here for my children and everyone else's children. Those punks in there have destroyed everyone's lives."

The European Union and the International Monetary Fund have demanded tough spending cuts in return for two bailouts.

The BBC reported that Greece is struggling to reduce an enormous government deficit amid fears that it could default, and deepen Europe’s debt crisis.

Its correspondent in Athens says the pace of protests in Greece has been increasing for several weeks.