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Hungary's far-right Jobbik party holds anti-Jewish rally in Budapest (PHOTOS)

The Jobbik party are protesting against Budapest's hosting of the World Jewish Congress.

Hungary's far-right Jobbik party drew around 1,000 supporters to an anti-Jewish rally in Budapest Saturday, ahead of the World Jewish Congress meeting in the capital. 

The party — which regularly issues anti-Semitic statements — is the third biggest in Hungary, holding 43 seats in the 386-member parliament. 

Jobbik and their supporters claim that Hungary is being "bought up" by the Jews.

"The Israeli conquerors, these investors, should look for another country in the world for themselves because Hungary is not for sale," Jobbik chairman Gabor Vona told the crowd, which gathered near the parliament, Reuters reported

"Our country has become subjugated to Zionism, it has become a target of colonization while we, the indigenous people, can play only the role of extras," Jobbik parliament member Marton Gyongyosi said. 

Leaders at the rally also led prayers for the end of Zionism, and called on any of Hungary's public servants with dual Israeli citizenship to resign.

The protest took place despite an attempt by police to ban it; the motion was struck down by a Budapest court. 

"It was a very upsetting experience to see so many people there and to hear the speeches," said Michael Thaidigsmann, a congress spokesman who was at the rally Saturday.  

He called the protesters were "fanatics" who "do not represent mainstream Hungary."

The World Jewish Congress chose to hold their annual meeting in Hungary this year to demonstrate support for the Jewish community in Hungary, one of the largest in Central Europe, as well as to bring attention to the rising wave anti-Semitic movement on the continent, according to the Wall Street Journal

slimekiller More than 1 year ago
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