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VIDEO: Sarkozy visits Bruni and daughter in Paris clinic

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has visited Carla Bruni and their new daughter at a clinic in Paris, after their baby was born on Wednesday night.

Sarkozy bruni baby visit 20 10 2011Enlarge
Nicolas Sarkozy visits the La Muette maternity clinic shortly after his daughter's birth on Wednesday night. (Guillaume Baptiste/AFP/Getty Images)

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This video from the Telegraph shows the new father arriving at the maternity clinic in south-west Paris where both mother and baby are said to be doing well:




President Sarkozy spoke of his "joy" about his new daughter, reports the BBC, in his first public comments since the as yet unnamed baby was born. He had earlier refused to comment during a trip to Frankfurt for euro crisis talks, which prevented him being present for the birth.

He described his feelings as:

"a very profound joy, a joy all the deeper because it is private."

Sarkozy was speaking at a waste-processing plant in the west of France, where he headed for a scheduled visit shortly after visiting Bruni and baby on Thursday morning, according to the BBC.

He was greeted there with congratulations from plant workers, who gave him gifts including a bib and an oak sapling to pass on to the newborn.

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