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GlobalPost's Twitter feed is showcasing the voices and personal experiences of our network of correspondents. In a project called "A Friday In ...," a different correspondent based internationally takes over the GlobalPost @AFridayIn account and tweets about his or her travels and daily activities.

Rents down berlin hipsters
Hipsters aren't always welcome in Neukölln, Berlin — especially when they're willing to pay higher rent. This graffiti says 'rents down.' (Jessica Phelan/GlobalPost)

#AFridayIn Neukölln, Berlin

GlobalPost's Jessica Phelan toured us through Neukölln, which used to be known for its Turkish population but has started to attract wealthy young hipsters.

This is not the first time GlobalPost's Jessica Phelan has taken our Twitter followers on a tour of a far-off land for the Twitter series, @AFridayIn. In fact, Phelan's first AFridayIn adventure was spent making the rounds at Munich's famed Oktoberfest. She taught us some new and valuable vocabulary — like "mitfahrgelegenheit," German for "a very organized form of hitchhiking" — and reinforced some of our fondest German stereotypes. Lederhosen, anyone?

This Friday, Phelan took a slightly less raucous, but no-less fascinating tour of her Berlin neighborhood, Neukölln, which used to be known for its Turkish population but has increasingly become full of wealthy young hipsters, often to locals' annoyance. In other words, Neukölln has come to be known as the Williamsburg of Berlin.

If you missed it live, catch up with Jessica's journey in the tweets below. To see the rest of GlobalPost's adventures, check out our  series page or follow along: @AFridayIn.