Banana crates with 300 pounds of cocaine mistakenly sent to German supermarket

Seized cocaine in crates of imported bananas is seen at the Federal Police Headquarters in Berlin on January 7, 2014.

One wonders what kind of clerical error led drug traffickers to this mistake...

About six million euros ($8.0 million) worth of cocaine was discovered hidden in banana crates at a supermarket in Germany, police said Tuesday.

The bananas were transported from Colombia.

The haul, unearthed Monday in Berlin and nearby Brandenburg state, amounted to 309 pounds and is the second biggest cocaine seizure since 1978, police and customs officials said in a statement.

Employees at a discount food store in Berlin initially alerted police after finding suspicious packages in several boxes of bananas.

"The packets were hidden among bananas," the statement said.

Further cocaine finds were also made at food wholesalers in three other Berlin districts and a town in Brandenburg, they said, without naming the businesses.