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Medvedev: Putin more popular than me

Comments on decision to give presidency back to Putin

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Dmitry Medvedev, in an interview on state television, has announced that Vladmir Putin, current Russia's Prime Minister, was more popular in the ratings and was much more authoritative than him.

According to the Telegraph, Medvedev announced that "Prime Minister Putin is unquestionably the most authoritative politician in the country right now and his rating is somewhat higher (than mine)"

Medvedev went on.

"For some reason, nobody is talking about that. But in fact these are practical and very important questions that any politician who wants the best for his country needs to take into account."

Last Saturday, the president announced that he would not run for a second presidential term, and according to the Telegraph, these comments seem as though a response to criticism over his announcement that he would give the presidency back to Putin. Putin has held the presidency twice already.

Reportedly the two men had decided to swap jobs years before, and Putin was always supposed to return to the presidency, reports CNN.

Medvedev's supporters are disappointed by this decision. They believed that he was an independent political figure who would support a more liberal development path than Putin.

Putin's popularity soared a decade ago, as Russia fought a war with Chechen separatists. He is seen as central to Russia's political system's survival, reports the New York Times.

According to Gleb O. Pavlovsky, a political consultant to the Kremlin, Medvedev missed an opportunity to remain silent.