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Things rich people do: have 'receipt wars'

Two Russian millionaires battle it out to see who can spend more at a night club in London.

Dom perignonEnlarge
Dom Perignon bottles. (Getty Images/Getty Images)

Editor's note: "Things rich people do" is a GlobalPost series on the global 1 percent. See the last installment: Things rich people do: build buildings on top of other buildings.

Ever hear the one about the Russian millionaire who walked into a bar? 

He met this other Russian millionaire there and they proceeded to try to one-up each other in terms of what they could purchase and ingest. 

The punchline? More than $200,000 in combined bar tabs over the course of three hours. 

This apparently really happened in London at a nightclub called Kitsch, when two unnamed Russian millionaires started going head-to-head ordering bottles of Dom Perignon and Cristal, according to news reports

When the bar closed at 3 a.m., the bills were totaled and one table won by less than $4,000. Folks at that table were reportedly seen jumping up and down, ecstatically waving their bill in the air.

One club-goer told the Daily Mail:

'It was one of the most bizarre nights I’ve ever seen. 

'These two guys were competing with each other to buy more and more champagne. Each time one would buy five bottles the other would order six, then seven, then eight.'

Between the two, they ordered 84 bottles of Dom Perignon, 55 bottles of Cristal and 44 cans of Red Bull, among other beverages. And, gulp, they didn't even drink it all.

Meanwhile, Russia has the highest rate of wealth inequality of all the countries in the world. According to the latest Credit Suisse Wealth Report, 110 billionaires lay claim to 35 percent of the country's wealth.