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Spain arrests man believed behind world's worst cyberattack

A thirtysomething Dutch man, identified by police as "SK," is detained in Spain.

spain cyberattackEnlarge
Spanish policy said Sunday that they arrested a man believed to be involved in one of the world's worst cyberattacks. (Megan Morris/Flickr Commons)

Spanish police said Sunday that they've arrested the person they think is responsible for what's been described as the largest cyberattack in history, reported CNN

The 35-year-old Dutch man was taken in on Thursday just north of Barcelona, where he operated out of a bunker when he wasn't driving around in his handy cyber-attacking van, according to a ministry statement cited by The Associated Press

The vehicle served as a "mobile computing office, equipped with various antennas to scan frequencies,” said the interior ministry, a discovery that may point to what was behind the massive cyberattack that slowed Internet service around the world last month, according to AP

The denial-of-service onslaught also overwhelmed the European anti-spam agency "The Spamhaus Project," said CNN

The man, identified by police only by the initials SK, told authorities he was a diplomat with the “Telecommunications and Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Republic of Cyberbunker," according to AP

He was arrested on a European warrant initiated by the Netherlands, said CNN, where he will probably be extradited for the trial, reported AP