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Gaza aid flotilla to sail again

Cargo ships will again try to break through Israel blockade to bring aid to Gaza.

Despite the horrors she and others endured on that first attempt, Ibn Salah said she was determined make the trip again. This time, she said, they would be more prepared.

In addition to the international group of activists, two European parliamentarians might also make the trip — one Irish and one Spanish. The Free Gaza coalition is also now in talks with the European Union to have the contents of their ships verified by an international team before they sail.

But Ran Curiel, Israel’s ambassador to the European Union, told the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, “The flotilla is clearly a political provocation … since there’s no need for a flotilla to aid Gaza.”

When asked if he thought the flotilla participants would be putting their lives at risk this time around, he simply replied, “no.”

Critics of the flotilla claim that some of the charities have ties to Hamas, the Palestinian political group that now controls Gaza, which Israel considers a militant organization, or that they will bring weapons into area.

“The only weapon that is coming with us is international solidarity, stronger than a gun or a rocket,” Tapial said.