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Yes, we understand there are some stories in the world slightly more important than Kate Middleton (think: revolution in the Middle East, economic crisis in Europe). That said, there are few โ€” if any โ€” people we would rather obsess over. This page is for all things Kate.

United Kingdom

Kate Middleton pregnant? Rumors are flying (PHOTOS)

American magazine says it has confirmed the rumors of a royal baby.

Rumors are circulating that Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and wife to Prince William, is six weeks pregnant with the future ruler of England. US magazine "In Touch Weekly" reported that "royal sources" are confirming the Duchess' pregnancy.

The magazine said that the couple, who has been married for seven months, are very excited with the news and have already started planning. It states that the Duchess has started putting together three nurseries (in three locations, not for three babies) and that the couple has already chosen some possible names. It stated:

 “They want something traditional,” the source hints. “Edward, Philip and Michael are likely choices for a boy, or Alice or Rose for a girl.”

These, however, are not the first rumors to emerge about a possible pregnancy. Earlier this month, speculation rose when the Duchess refused to eat an UNICEF peanut paste packet while touring with her husband in Copenhagen. Doctors advise expecting mothers to refrain from eating peanuts so that the baby doesn't develop any allergies. The couple also recently moved out of their London apartment into a more spacious palace apartment in Kensington Palace, further fueling the rumor mill. 

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Whether the rumors are true or not, any future child of the Duke and Duchess will no longer be bound by old succession laws. In late October, leaders from the 16 nations of the Commonwealth met and agreed on changing the succession laws, which would have forced any first born daughter to step aside if a brother was present. 

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