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Egypt: Port Said security HQ in flames as thousands protest (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Thousands of Egyptians turned out to mourn those killed in clashes in Port Said on Monday, as the latest violence left the security headquarters in flames.

Thousands took to the streets on Monday, chanting as they attended the funerals of people killed in clashes over the weekend in Port Said, Egypt.

"The interior ministry (officials) are cowards!" the mourners chanted, calling on Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to leave.

A correspondent for Agence France Presse reported that a part of the security headquarters in the city of Port Said was in flames on Monday.

The funerals which drew huge crowds on Monday were held for three civilians who were killed on Sunday, as police clashed with protesters in the Suez Canal city.

Two Egyptian policemen also died in the violence on Sunday, according to the Interior Ministry, bringing the death toll for Sunday to five.

Nearly 586 people were injured in the clashes, with 16 getting hit by live bullets and 27 suffering from birdshot wounds, according to the head of emergency services, Ahmed Sultan.

Violence has persisted in Port Said since January, when dozens of people were detained in connection to a violent riot that broke out at a soccer stadium in February 2012, leaving 70 people dead.

Ahram Online said the clashes on Sunday stemmed from protesters' opposition to a decision made by the interior ministry to move the soccer riot detainees to a different prison.

The AP posted the raw video from the clashes on Sunday: