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In gifs: A story of Egypt's rage

These few graphic scenes demonstrate just how harrowing it got in Egypt over the last week.

Egypt is still raging.

On Monday, Al Jazeera reported fresh protests initiated by Morsi supporters who were demanding an investigation into the deaths of 36 prisoners in a police van over the weekend.

New and disturbing images will continue to surface as the violence persists. Check out GlobalPost's live blog of events to keep up with the realtime news.

For now, here's the tale of Egypt's past week. It started in the streets:

Protesters fled the October 6th bridge on Friday to avoid gunfire. The video circulated by Cairo-based journalist Ayman Mohyeldin:

Rocks flew and tear gas canisters rolled:

Vehicles plunged and took a beating:

The wounded were rushed to safety:

Though they didn't always make it:

This footage from Friday appears to show an unarmed protester in Egypt, standing with his arms in the air, being shot repeatedly:

Close up and far away, the battles raged:

For a detailed firsthand account of the violence in Cairo on Aug. 14, read Manar Mohsen's disturbing story.