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On Location: Life and Death in Aleppo (VIDEO)

The full story behind the victims of a deadly tank attack — originally depicted in an iconic series of photos — on the front lines of Aleppo, Syria.

ALEPPO, Syria — Their names were Issa, Ahmed and Sheik Mahmoud Qasim. They were fathers and brothers. They were students, teachers and laborers.

And, last week, they were all killed by tank fire.

They are not alone. The Syrian conflict has now dragged on for 18 months and cost the lives of tens of thousands of people. The dead represent all kinds — civilians, rebel fighters, regime soldiers and officials, aid workers, activists, journalists.

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Headlines that track the numbers of dead are easy to pass over when they are so frequent. But sometimes a moment is captured that communicates the tragedy of events in a way that is impossible to ignore, or forget.

In this On Location video, GlobalPost senior correspondent Tracey Shelton tells the story of Issa, Ahmed and Qasim in the days before, and then at the very moment, they are killed in their back-alley post on the front lines of Aleppo, Syria.

GlobalPost originally published a series of seven stills taken from the raw video shot by Shelton. They depicted the four men at first laughing, then — in an instant — only one emerges from the cloud of smoke and debris. Now, more than a week later, the front line remains the same. New people have replaced the old as the battle continues with what seems like no end in sight.

GlobalPost’s On Location series brings you under-reported stories from around the world. The video series have won two Edward R. Murrow Awards, a Peabody Award, an Overseas Press Club award and multiple Best in Business awards from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers.

Michelle Inks More than 1 year ago
The only true Peace humanity shall find is when we realize peace is to be granted to all, not just the people one person agrees with but to all people regardless of their beliefs. No human should be killed from either side of any war for their beliefs. Until Humanity as a whole can come to agree that all of humanity should truly be equal and given the right to their own beliefs, we will never know a world with out war.
Rashad More than 1 year ago
Agreed! That's why I advocate the Venus Project
djextra74 More than 1 year ago
Excelent report and is so sad to see this video and how can ending but thats the war of the one's rest in peace all this people. Greeatings from México city of Puebla.
Sean Hearnden More than 1 year ago
That's really quite sad.
CynicalSidney More than 1 year ago
It took me days to examine both the pictures and this video. From that I have reached some startling conclusions: This entire episode is either staged or some insider setup. what's clear is that the militant zealots were betrayed by friendly fire which came from behind their lines. Observe the tin colored garage door which is half open at times; and its relative position to the torn up green garage door with bags of barricade in front of it. When the militants got hit as they were just getting ready, hiding behind the barricade, peeking down tank alley in the direction of the green garage door. Next second a fiery ball zoomed past the half open garage and then slammed right into the barricade. The shock wave generated by the traveling shells is clearly seen in the pictures and the video indicates that the militants were hit by some sort of friendly fire which came from behind them. There are also indications that it wasn't accidental friendly fire. Notably, the militants did not returning fire or even cover that direction up tank alley. In most cases casualties from accidental friendly fire are identified right away. This is obviously staged or the zealots got setup by their own.