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60 seconds on Earth: Escaping Syria, by boat (VIDEO)

Hundreds of Syrian refugees are traveling by boat to Lebanon every week. Here's a snapshot of the journey.

Editor's note: 60 Seconds on Earth is a regular GlobalPost series where our correspondents in the field produce video snapshots of the places and people that we find important, impressive, crazy or just unmistakably cool. Here's a recent installment on Parisian hipsters.

An estimated 1.2 million Syrians now live in Lebanon. Many have fled overland, crossing the border on foot or in cars. But each week hundreds make their way by boat after crossing into Turkey. Correspondent Tracey Shelton documented the 18-hour ferry journey from Tasucu port in Turkey to Tripoli, Lebanon.

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John Dahodi More than 1 year ago
Obama, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait and Sunni Jihadis should be held responsible for the agony, sufferings, hopelessness and misery of the last 3 years of regime change ideology of the West including our Nobel Peace prized President Obama. These gang of Jihadi supporters have joined hands and financed the infiltration of Jihadi rebels in to Syria, only with the aim of removing Assad and punishing Hizbullah and Iran to establish another Sunni Saudi Kingdom. Syria was secular, stable and peaceful before this foreign supported goons carried out their attacks. There is no civilized way out is possible but more and more killings, sufferings and breeding of Jihadi Empire not only in Syria but in many surrounding countries too. In a matter of days, like Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan will be on the road to rubble. Assad and his team will surely involve these Sunni States who have financed and armed these rebel goons.