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28 elephants killed in Cameroon

Poachers killed 28 elephants in Cameroon.

Cameroon elephant militaryEnlarge
A picture taken on February 23, 2012 shows an elephant that was killed by poachers in northern Cameroon near the border with Chad. Park officials said nearly 500 elephants have been killed in the national park in the previous two months by poachers from Sudan and Chad, according to AFP. (-/AFP/Getty Images)

Poachers have killed 28 endangered elephants in Cameroon in recent weeks, conservation group World Wildlife Fund announced today.  Zacharie Nzooh, the WWF Cameroon representative, said that his group found the carcasses of elephants in the forest, stripped of their husks, Reuters reported

"The poachers used automatic weapons, such as AK-47s, reflecting the violent character of elephant poaching," he told Reuters. 

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The news comes just a week after a study came out with disturbing findings about the elephant population.

The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, found that elephants in Africa could go out of existence soon due to all the poaching. A total of 62 percent of forest elephants have been killed for their ivory in the past decade, Science Daily reported.

marcel md More than 1 year ago
We have already tried fining and prison sentences and it hasn’t worked. So how can we prevent the mass extermination and extinction of those beautiful and noble creatures? The only recourse action and only deterrent left to guarantee saving the elephants from extinction would be to impose the death penalty at both national and international levels on all those engaging in the ivory trade and poachers should not be spared.
Mercy Mwanga More than 1 year ago
we nee to save the elephants in Kenya as well. Please let em pay...a future wiped out!!
Daniel Diorio More than 1 year ago
dan,these senseless& cruel killings should have been stopped a long time ago,the UN should send in undercover people and set up a sting operation and round up these jungle bunnies& execute them on the spot,,,
Jerry More than 1 year ago
It is hard for the civilized mind to comprehend such atrocities by these native people, just no regard for the living being of an anaimal, sometimes there just is no punishment to fit the crime.