Ford shareholders reject proposal to dilute Ford family's control, OK executive compensation

WILMINGTON, Del. - Ford Motor Co. shareholders are again rejecting a proposal to dilute the Ford family's control over the company.

At its annual meeting in Wilmington, Del., Thursday, Ford said 67 per cent of shareholders voted against the proposal to make each Ford share worth one vote. Thirty-three per cent supported it. That was slightly less support than the same measure received last year.

The Ford family has 40 per cent of the voting power in the company through 71 million Class B shares, which carry more votes than Class A shares. Some shareholder activists say the dual-share system is unfair.

Ford shareholders were clearly pleased with the company's performance. Ninety-three per cent voted to approve Ford's executive compensation levels for 2012, including CEO Alan Mulally's $20.95 million pay package.