Premier Wall pitches made-in-Saskatchewan carbon capture technology to U.S.

REGINA - Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says the province has game-changing carbon capture technology and he's trying to sell the idea to the world.

Wall spoke today at an annual carbon capture conference in Pittsburgh.

The premier says there was keen interest in a project at the Boundary Dam power station near Estevan.

The plan there is to capture up to 90 per cent of CO2 emissions.

Most of the CO2 captured from Boundary is to be used to push more oil out of the ground in what's called enhanced oil recovery.

Wall says Saskatchewan wants to sell the technology and some — quote — "large players" at the conference are interested.

Carbon capture involves gathering carbon dioxide from power plants and injecting it deep into porous rock formations so it doesn't add to greenhouse gas emissions.

Jurisdictions such as Saskatchewan that depend heavily on coal-fired power plants are relying on carbon capture and storage to work. The province plans to reduce 2006 levels of greenhouse gases by 20 per cent by 2020.