Canada releases list of US products that could face tariffs due to meat-labeling dispute

TORONTO - Canada is warning it may impose tariffs on everything from orange juice to bread if the United States doesn't change a meat-labeling policy that Canadian beef and pork industries say is costing them more than $979 million (CA$1 billion) a year.

The federal government on Friday released a long list of agriculture and other products that could be affected by Canada's retaliation in an ongoing dispute over U.S. country-of-origin meat-labeling rules. The regulations require tracking beef, chicken and hogs from livestock through the meat processing and distribution systems. Canada says the regulations are unduly burdensome and costly.

Canada's potential retaliation list includes U.S. cattle, pigs, beef, pork, cheese, pasta, some fruits and vegetables, chocolate and maple syrup. There are also some non-food items such as office furniture.