Tories say residents outside Toronto who lost power not treated equally

TORONTO - The Progressive Conservatives say the Liberal government played postal-code politics with its relief efforts following the ice storm that knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of homes in southern Ontario.

Opposition MPPs say they still can't find out when or how $50 and $100 gift cards will be given out to their constituents outside Toronto who lost power during the pre-Christmas ice storm.

PC critic Lisa MacLeod says Premier Kathleen Wynne delivered food baskets in Toronto and made sure Toronto residents got the cash cards last week to replace food that went bad after their power went out.

She says Wynne abused taxpayers' money and the corporations that donated gift cards, all for the sake of a quick photo-op in Toronto.

MacLeod claims there was an inequitable response to the storm depending on where people live, and says Wynne failed in her handling of the electricity crisis.

Kitchener-Conestoga Conservative Michael Harris says his office has been bombarded with calls from people wanting to know how they can get cards and questioning why the free money has only been given out in Toronto so far.